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Refurbished V21    
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Refurbished V21 Monitor

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Refurbished V21 Monitor
Part#: 0998-UC-1800-201

The V-Series solution is the result of research focused on identifying the unique challenges of critical care and other high acuity environments. The V-Series has been conceived, tested and proven in a true environment by the end-users who understand the complexities and workflows.

It addresses the need for more effective care without information overload and unnecessary alarms; it simply focuses on the most critical information. This advanced monitoring system provides the market with a unique blend of familiar parameters and a sustainable platform enabling the future expandability required by today's healthcare institutions.

Features & Benefits

  • V21 with integrated touchpad and sizeable display delivers exceptional clarity of data, making it an effective clinical tool

  • System elements are interchangeable making it impressively convenient and affordable to maintain

  • Modern user interface eliminates common difficulties encountered with traditional monitors
  • Consistent navigation across monitors minimizes the learning curve, saving valuable clinical time and effort
  • Using the VPS Module, data follows the patient throughout the course of care, creating a continuous and persistent medical record

  • Powerful VAccess enables remote patient data streams to be accessed at a single location, without compromising the monitoring of patients.
  • Diagnostic and interpretive 12-lead ECG standard in both V12 and V21
  • Modular design is fully scalable to meet the needs of each care unit
  • 180-degree rotating modules enable flexible mounting scenarios while also reducing cable clutter
Compatible with:

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